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   I would like to thank my brother                           for his efforts in the making and having the first website. Visit him at                                       You will find some interesting reading there.




   Welcome and thank you for visiting Wood Creations by Sam. I have been creating one of a  kind pieces for family, friends and customers here in the Orlando area for many years. Many of these people have been urging me to make these pieces available to more people for quite some time. With this site I wish to do just that. I sincerely hope you will find your visit satisfying.

  I am  very particular as to where the wood comes from.  I only use certified reclaimed wood or wood from renewable sources. I have not and will not use suppliers that procure their materials from any other source.

  What you see are examples of my work. All pieces are handcrafted and except for those displayed in the store, are made to order to your specifications. The store displays pieces for immediate sale. Click on any of the boxes or the navigation pane to see examples of my work in that category or for ordering details

  I do offer free shipping.  I also offer gift certificates for purchase. Please see pricing and ordering page for details.

  I welcome any comments, questions and/or suggestions you may have, so please feel free to call and and if I cannot answer leave a message or e-mail me any time. Contact information is at the bottom of this page or use the contact page.

  Again thank you for taking the time and visiting

                           Sam Knechel Jr