Again your choices are not limited to what you see here. These canes and walking sticks can be made from any wood you choose.  They can be made of the same wood or you can mix and match. You can have any type of lamination or inlay. I am sorry, but I do not offer any wood carving (I have not mastered that yet, maybe in the future.) The tips of the canes are not bulbous but tapered to match the taper of the shaft. They are made from a non-marking rubber compound that has good grip but will not wear out. I offer a free lifetime replacement guarantee on the tip. If it ever wears out or breaks, email me and I will send you another one. The shafts and handles are warranted under normal use for a period of 5 yrs not to break, split or separate. (I am sorry but I can not warrant obvious signs of abuse) If any of this occurs outside of the warranty, send it back and for a nominal fee, I will repair it. These pieces are available in several finishes: oil, lacquer and acrylic clears, the latter two can be gloss or satin. Please specify if for a man or woman, as this will determine the shaft diameter. To determine the length: walking sticks - measure from the hip bone, just below the waist, to the ground. Canes - measure from the leg joint bone (approx. 3" below hip.) This will determine the overall length. These measurements are a guideline. If you wish, use a stick or something similar to determine a length which will be comfortable for you.